Thank you from your winner – Sallie

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We asked Sallie to tell us about winning I’m a Scientist, and here is what she said…

It was a huge honour to take part in the ‘I’m a Scientist’ competition this year and I’m thrilled to bits to have won. My favourite part was the live chats with the pupils from the schools. I was so impressed by their questions. I could really tell that some of them had thought very hard about the projects that all of the scientists were proposing and they were genuinely interested in the work we do everyday. It was great to see our subjects through their eyes. Sadly the chats are never long enough and with so many children asking questions it wasn’t always possible for me to keep up. That’s why the ASK sessions were also great, as I could spend a bit longer thinking about the answers.

I want to thank all of the children who asked about me, my work (and my pets 🙂 ). It was a huge privilege to be able to share this with you and I am very grateful for your votes for my project. I think we are going to have lots of fun designing and carrying out our experiment in the summer and can’t wait to get started.

I don’t want this to turn this into an Oscar’s speech but I also want to thank our fantastic moderators. They did a grand job keeping all the chats on track. But the biggest thanks go to all the children and their fantastic questions. It doesn’t matter what type of science interests you, unanswered questions are at the heart of all scientific endeavours and I hope that the ‘I’m a Scientist’ project has inspired a whole new generation of scientists. I can’t wait to hear about their own discoveries in the future.

Posted on March 22, 2017 by modmichaela in News.

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